We are happy to present to you our latest product, which we developed and produced in August, the HV 50 vertical mixer. This homogenizer is an example of our ability to produce top-quality equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.


Here are some key information about our HV 50 vertical mixer:



  • vertical mixer designation: II 2/3 Ex h IIIB 135 °C Db/ Dc
  • design and production according to directive 2014/34/EU, ČSN EN ISO 80079–37
  • this device is certified for use according to the FDA standard and is equipped with approvals for the materials used, including sealing materials



  • container, outlet, hopper, screw agitator, cover, beam – made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • gearbox and motor are made of carbon steel and painted in RAL 9001




  • working volume: 50 litres
  • three legs made of AISI 304 stainless steel for stability
  • hopper with half-hinged lid and sieve
  • the inner surface of the vessel is polished with Ra value of 0.8, the outer surface is glass blasted
  • PHARMIX gearbox with 0.75 kW motor, 230/400 V, 50 Hz ATEX with preparation for liquid injection
  • antistatic belts for safe operation
  • fluid inlet with ½” ball valve, fluid outlet with full cone spray nozzle
  • a nozzle with the smallest possible flow chosen
  • outlet with DN 150 knife sliding valve and lever for manual control
  • discharge nozzle DN 150 with adjustment for fastening of bags
  • manual sampling valve located in the lower part of the container, discharge clamp nozzle DIN 32 676 DN 25



If you have any questions about our portfolio of vertical mixers or our other products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.