The company guaranties high quality of its welders and their

Water Jet and Cutting

Water Jet In 2015, to support the development of technological

Surface Forming

We are able to perform surface forming on our own

Surface Finish Options

Our dominant feature is grinding, where we are highly experienced


Společnost nabízí velice rozmanitou škálu jednotlivých strojů od malých soustruhů

Inspections and tests

An experienced team of inspectors regularly checks the quality and

Designing work

We have our own design office equipped with modern hardware

Storage and transport tanks
These products are designed for the storage and transport of
Pressure vessels
These products serve as parts of thermo-influenced technological equipment, such
Mixing equipment for liquids
In the field of design of agitators and mixing devices,
Homogenizers for loose materials
Vertical homogenizers (planetary mixers "NAUTAMIX") PHARMIX series HV 50 –
Custom production from stainless steel
We are able to produce a product specified by the